Defkalion posts job listing for 21 professionals

I just noted that Greek Defkalion recently posted a job listing, looking for 21 professionals, mostly engineers.

The job listing hints at progress towards industrial production of Defkalion’s Hyperion product, supposedly based on an LENR process and a potential competitor with the E-cat, a similar product developed by Andrea Rossi.

According to a letter sent earlier to interested parties, Defkalion “plans to have a fully operational prototype ready by July 2012”.

At Ny Teknik, we’re following the development closely and we will come back with further reports as soon as there’s more confirmed data available.

Our coverage on the E-cat and Defkalion can be found here.


2 thoughts on “Defkalion posts job listing for 21 professionals

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  1. The development since october last year is none. Not a single step closer to a commercially working LENR product and still no proof at all of any such item existing. All we have are words, words and words. Ny Teknik is helping to spread them. Over and over. Without any proof. Credibility is turning lower each time.

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