Vaccines are here—now, what will be The New Normal?

With the arrival of covid vaccines—earlier than most expected—there is hope that we will soon see the pandemic slow down. This brings the question of “The New Normal” to the fore. Here’s a futurist’s perspective. Since the first months of the pandemic, when it became clear that it acted as a powerful catalyzer on already... Continue Reading →

The world is changing. Is your strategy future-proof?

You are sitting on a board of directors. And like so many others in your position, you may want to devote more time to strategy work. Because while digitalisation is driving a gigantic market shift, you are asking if your strategy is future-proof. Good question. Digitalization and AI are driving what arguably is the greatest... Continue Reading →

Here’s the key to trumpism and how to go ahead—a futurist’s perspective

Some people still struggle to understand the strong support for president Trump. Others fight about which narrative on the presidential election 2020 is true—did Biden win or was the election "stolen"? From my perspective as a futurist, the key insight is another. The political movements we have been seeing in the US and in other... Continue Reading →

Covid-19 is possibly caused by an attack on the body’s oxygenation system

There are some interesting observations on the Covid-19 disease revealing that it doesn't appear to be normal pneumonia or ARDS (Acute respiratory distress syndrome), but a failure of the body's oxygenation system, due to an attack by the virus on the hemoglobin, transporting oxygen and CO2 through the blood. Check the video below with observations... Continue Reading →

Update on Covid-19: Sweden remains below Italy, Spain’s forecast greatly improved

  In an earlier post I tried to give a picture of the situation of the Covid-19 pandemic in Italy, Spain and Sweden, on March 26. Here’s an update from April 1st. Note that I'm not an epidemiologist, but I know mathematics and I’m showing what the data might tell us. The forecast is based... Continue Reading →

The Future of the Nation-State

How the nation-state can find a way through digitalization.    Note: This essay is published as chapter 17 in the book Digital Transformation and Public Services: Societal Impacts in Sweden and Beyond. The book is the final report from The Internet and its Direct and Indirect Effects on Innovation and the Swedish Economy—a three-year research project funded by The... Continue Reading →

Nine Things You Should Know to Be Smart About Driverless Cars

Just a few years ago, not many people realized what digitalization of transportation would be. Now, autonomous cars are the talk of the town, and carmakers, tech giants, and start-ups are racing to stay ahead in the mercilessly competitive transformation of the mobility industry. It could turn out to be the most profound of all... Continue Reading →

Seven Things Lawyers Should Know to Be Digital Winners

Many lawyers and law experts worry about how their professional opportunities are changing with digitalization, observing how some daily tasks are already being taken over by digital automation and artificial intelligence, AI. And yes, the ongoing change in the legal sector is significant, and moreover, it only just started. The good news, however, is that... Continue Reading →

Announcing the New Energy World Symposium

Note: The New Energy World Symposium has been re-scheduled to June 18-19, 2018. Read more here.  § Today I'm announcing the New Energy World Symposium that will hold its first session on June 21, 2016, in Stockholm Sweden. The conference will focus on the disruptive consequences of a new cheap, clean, carbon-free and abundant energy source—LENR or Cold Fusion—that may... Continue Reading →

Give your organisation an injection of inspiration on digitisation

As I give talks on future and technology—or rather before I give my talks—I often meet people saying they feel that we're entering a time of big changes, and yet they seem to have difficulties in defining exactly what this change is. They might refer to the fast uptake of smartphones, tablets and social media, but... Continue Reading →

One step closer to long distance private drones

PhD student Andrew Barry from MIT’s Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Lab has developed a detect-and-avoid system that lets drones fly autonomously through a tree-filled field at a speed close to 30 mph. The system operates at 120 frames per second and is running 20 times faster than existing software. In Sweden, flying out of sight with... Continue Reading →

Former Skype founders rethink local delivery

Former Skype founders Ahti Heinla and Janus Friis aim at reshaping local small scale delivery with the company Starship Technologies and this small autonomous device, moving at four miles per hour. The plan is to offer local delivery from the grocery store or retailers, or last-mile delivery of goods arriving to local hubs with ordinary carriers,... Continue Reading →

Swedish scientists claim LENR explanation break-through

Essentially no new physics but a little-known physical effect describing matter’s interaction with electromagnetic fields — ponderomotive Miller forces — would explain energy release and isotopic changes in LENR. This is what Rickard Lundin and Hans Lidgren, two top level Swedish scientists, claim, describing their theory in a paper called Nuclear Spallation and Neutron Capture Induced by Ponderomotive Wave... Continue Reading →

Jobs will go away… but not work!

With digitization and automation jobs will disappear, but we'll continue to work anyway. That is what several experts I have been talking to believe. They also think that distribution of wealth in society could become the biggest challenge ahead. None of the experts I have been talking to about jobs and the future is opposed to the picture that... Continue Reading →

The Italian edition — Un’invenzione impossible — is finally out!

(This post was originally published on I'm happy to announce that the Italian edition of my book An Impossible Invention — Un’invenzione impossible — is finally out. I’m particularly satisfied since the story is closely related to Italy to which I have personal connections, my wife being Italian. A great thanks to Alex Passi who has made the... Continue Reading →

Rossi has been granted US patent on the E-Cat — fuel mix specified

(This post was originally published on On August 25, Andrea Rossi was granted a patent on his LENR based heating device the E-Cat. The patent, which has the filing date March 14, 2012, can be downloaded here: US9115913B1 As far as I understand, the patent describes the so-called low temperature E-Cat that Rossi showed in semi-public... Continue Reading →

Watch out for fintech – banks need to wake up!

Stockholm is singled out as the world’s hottest spot for startup companies in the financial and banking sector–Fintech. Now experts are warning big banks for not being sufficiently innovative. “Sure, certain banks are technology mature, but I do not know if that should be called innovation. What has your bank done for you in recent... Continue Reading →

Here’s Swedish LENR company Neofire

This post was originally published on   Apart from the well-known companies with LENR based technology, such as Andrea Rossi’s partner company Industrial Heat, and Brillouin Energy, founded by Robert Godes, there are a series of small rather unknown companies that have popped out in the last few years. One of them is Swedish Neofire... Continue Reading →

What to learn from an historical cold fusion conference — ICCF19

This post was originally published on   Last week, the international conference cold fusion, ICCF-19, was held, and I would argue it was historical, for several reasons. The first is the ongoing trial by Rossi's and his US partner Industrial Heat of a commercially implemented 1 MW thermal power plant based on the E-Cat.... Continue Reading →

Will LENR reach mass adoption faster than any other tech?

This post was originally posted on and on E-Cat World. You often hear that new technologies spread to reach global mass adoption at an ever increasing speed -- from electricity, telephones, radio and television to PCs, mobile phones and the web. The hypothesis seems accurate and also reasonable, given that the world is getting increasingly... Continue Reading →

Time to dispel the streetlight paradox of energy

This blog post was originally posted on   The current development in LENR, where things seem to be moving fast towards confirmation of a new energy source, could finally open a way to dispel what I call the streetlight paradox of energy. It's about time. You've probably heard the joke about the drunkard who is... Continue Reading →

It seems big banks know about cold fusion

(This blog post was originally posted on   The oil price keeps falling. And most analysts seem convinced that they know the reason -- it's about supply, or demand, or Putin, or Saudi Arabia, or Syria or... But what if it were something completely different, known only by top people at the world's biggest banks. And... Continue Reading →

Replication attempts are heating up cold fusion

(This blog post was first published on In just a few weeks, the whole landscape of cold fusion and LENR has changed significantly and, as many have noted, 2015 might bring a breakthrough for LENR in general, with increased public awareness, scientific acceptance and maybe even commercial applications. This is great news. For those who haven't... Continue Reading →

Here’s my Youtube channel on technology driven change Technology is changing our world at an accelerating pace, and the change is going faster than most people would think. This is the theme that interests me the most and that I'm passionate about, and it's also the theme that I regularly give talks and seminars on, at conferences and to various institutions, government... Continue Reading →

Here is how we could coexist with a superintelligence

The idea of a superintelligence might be frightening. I have touched the subject before and I also discussed why human values (hopefully) might be important to a superintelligence. But we don't know. Professor Nick Bostrom at the Future of Humanity Institute at Oxford University believes that superintelligence could put all humanity at risk, and he's... Continue Reading →

New scientific report on the E-Cat shows excess heat and nuclear process

This blog post was originally published on A new scientific report on the E-Cat has been released, providing two important findings from a 32-day testrun of the reactor -- together leading to the clear conclusion that the E-Cat is an energy source based on some kind of nuclear reaction, without radiation outside the reactor.... Continue Reading →

An Impossible Invention on Amazon — second edition upcoming

(This blog post was originally published on Lots of people have asked me to make ‘An Impossible Invention’ available on Amazon in order to reach a broader audience. So I did — now there’s an e-book version in Amazon’s Kindle format listed here. The paperback version will get there later for a simple reason:... Continue Reading →

Swedish National Radio paints it black

(This blog post was originally posted on The scientific newsroom of Sveriges Radio, the national Swedish Radio, has dedicated four months of research and a whole week of its air time to the story of Andrea Rossi, the E-Cat and cold fusion (part 1, 2, 3, 4), and I’m honored that it has made me one of its main targets.... Continue Reading →

Defkalion demo proven not to be reliable

(This blog post was originally posted on The measurement setup that was used by Defkalion Green Technologies (DGT) on July 23, 2013, in order to show in live streaming that the Hyperion reactor was producing excess heat, does not measure the heat output correctly, and the error is so large that the reactor might not... Continue Reading →

A few more researchers who were never recognized

(This blog post was originally posted on As those of you who have already read my book 'An Impossible Invention' know, it's written in memory of Martin Fleischmann (1927 – 2012), Sergio Focardi (1932 – 2013) and Sven Kullander (1936 – 2014). All these three persons were important for my work, and they all left... Continue Reading →

Here’s my book on cold fusion and the E-Cat

(This blog post was originally posted on   For three difficult years I have experienced much that I wanted to discuss, that I had thought people would want to investigate and understand better. Yet reaching out has been difficult for me. I want you, the reader, to comprehend, forgive and then participate. The term 'cold fusion' is so... Continue Reading →

Google’s goal: To control the world’s data

In 2013, Google acquired eight companies specializing in robotics, and many have asked what Google will do with all those robots. The eighth company wa s Boston Dynamics, which through funding by DARPA has developed a couple of high-profile animal-like robots and the two-legged humanoid Atlas. A week after that acquisition, Google became the world's... Continue Reading →

Survival of the Fittest Technology

I already outlined the ideas of author and entrepreneur Ray Kurzweil, currently Engineering Director at Google, on exponentially accelerating technological change. His ideas are based on what he calls the Law of Accelereting Returns -- the fairly intuitive suggestion that whatever is developed somewhere in a system, increases the total speed of development in the whole... Continue Reading →

Issue number 3 of Next Magasin focusing on cyborgs

We just released a fresh issue of the Swedish forward looking digital magazine Next Magasin, for which I am the managing editor, this time focusing on cyborgs. The main feature reportage by journalist Siv Engelmark is a fascinating journey through the aspects of our use of technology to make humans into something more than humans.... Continue Reading →

Here are three good reasons to have a look at cold fusion

Ever since Martin Fleischmann and Stanley Pons presented their startling results in 1989, claiming that they had discovered a process that generated anomalously high amount of thermal energy, possibly through nuclear fusion at room temperature, cold fusion has been rejected by the mainstream scientific community. For anyone open to believe the contrary, here are three good reasons... Continue Reading →

Thinking, fast and slow, pattern recognition and super intelligence

This summer's reading has been Thinking, Fast and Slow by the Israeli-American psychologist and winner of Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic Sciences, Daniel Kahneman. Great reading (although a little heavy to read from start to end in a short time). The book describes the brain's two ways of thinking -- the faster, more intuitive and emotional... Continue Reading →

Comments on Defkalion reactor demo in Milan

Yesterday I participated as an observer at the Greek-Canadian company Defkalion's demo of its LENR based energy device Hyperion in Milan, Italy. The device is just like Andrea Rossi's E-Cat, loaded with small amounts of nickel powder and pressurized with hydrogen, and supposedly produces net thermal energy through a hitherto unknown process that seems to... Continue Reading →

Update of Swedish-Italian report, and Swedish pilot E-Cat customer wanted

The report on energy measurements on the E-Cat by a Swedish-Italian group of scientists has been updated with an appendix explaining more in detail the measurements of input electric power. The new version of the report can be found here. It has been discussed whether a DC current could have been drawn through the power... Continue Reading →

Criticism, praise and comments on the Swedish-Italian E-Cat report

An earlier critic of energy measurements on the E-Cat so far, Swedish nuclear physicist Peter Ekström, has published his comments on the recent Swedish-Italian report on indications of anomalous heat production in the E-Cat. Ekström's comments, which can be found here, focus on a number of issues, ranging from calibration of the input power measurements... Continue Reading →

Two 100 hour scientific tests confirm anomalous heat production in Rossi’s E-Cat

A group of Italian and Swedish scientists from Bologna and Uppsala have just published their report on two tests lasting 96 and 116 hours, confirming an anomalous heat production in the energy device known as the E-Cat, developed by the Italian inventor Andrea Rossi. The report is available for download here and on I have... Continue Reading →

An upcoming opportunity – what to do with dead shopping malls

Here's an great upcoming opportunity for anyone who is creative and wants to be at the forefront when the timing is right: What to do with all those huge shopping malls that within a decade will remain empty and outdated. Taking into account that these enormous volumes are still being built all over the world underlines the... Continue Reading →

Suppose Google plans to create a mind

I'm reading the latest book by Ray Kurzweil -- How to Create a Mind (2012). In his book Kurzweil pulls together different  pieces of cutting edge brain research and puts them in the context of his own experience of developing technology for voice understanding and character recognition. The result is the Pattern Recognition Theory of... Continue Reading →

Imagine hi res trading replace crowdfunding and VC:s

One main aspect of digital revolution is that it opens completely new business models and mechanisms in an industry, such as Spotify's model with streaming music as opposed to downloading and owning music files or even cd:s. In an earlier post I selected six industries that will be hit next by digital revolution, and one of them... Continue Reading →

Swedish TV on Andrea Rossi and the E-cat

Tonight Swedish Television, SVT, dedicated 25 minutes of the program "The World of Science" (Vetenskapens Värld) to the Italian inventor Andrea Rossi and his controversial energy device, the E-cat. The program is online until January 16 on this link: (the part on Rossi starts at 24:30 minutes). Update: And here's an English transcript. I believe SVT... Continue Reading →

A really good post on ethics for machines, robots, cars…

Here's a really good piece on the difficulty but also the importance of ethics for machines, robots, autonomous cars, arms and similar stuff powered by artificial intelligence: Moral Machines by Gary Marcus, Professor of Psychology at N.Y.U. Prof Marcus argues that the moment autonomous cars will be so much better and safer than human drivers that we... Continue Reading →

What if we make animals as smart as humans?

Recently a group of reserachers reported that they had designed a brain implant that sharpened decision making and restored lost mental capacity in monkeys. Even if that's a very interesting piece of research (you can read NY Times report here) it's of course lightyears from making animals intelligent. Still one bizarre idea immediately struck me. I... Continue Reading →

Exploring ethics for machines

“If we admit the animal should have moral consideration, we need to think seriously about the machine.” That's how Northern Illinois University Professor David Gunkel puts it, discussing whether and to what extent intelligent and autonomous machines that we are devloping can be considered to have legitimate moral responsibilities and any legitimate claim to moral treatment. In his new book The... Continue Reading →

Defkalion posts job listing for 21 professionals

I just noted that Greek Defkalion recently posted a job listing, looking for 21 professionals, mostly engineers. The job listing hints at progress towards industrial production of Defkalion’s Hyperion product, supposedly based on an LENR process and a potential competitor with the E-cat, a similar product developed by Andrea Rossi. According to a letter sent... Continue Reading →

The Greek government in test of Defkalion’s technology

Representatives of the Greek government on Tuesday assisted at a test of Defkalion's energy technology – a potential competitor of Andrea Rossi's 'E-cat.' Meanwhile, Rossi continues to develop his technology. No results were presented. Another six groups are expected to perform independent testing of Defkalion's technology in the upcoming weeks. My report on can... Continue Reading →

Will robots beat human champions in soccer by 2050?

As you might know,  the official goal of the robotics competition Robocup is to field a team of robots capable of winning against the human soccer World Cup champions by 2050. At we recently made a poll among our readers – most of them professional engineers – whether this is likely to happen or not.... Continue Reading →

Did you ever wonder what technology really wants?

Kevin Kelly, writer and founding editor of Wired Magazine, did. And he put down the answer really well in his book “What Technology Wants” published in 2010. It’s still really worth reading, giving inspiration to anyone who wants to gain understanding on how we should shape technology to do more good and less harm. If... Continue Reading →

Five industries where 2 billion jobs will be lost

Most people have understood that the music and the movie industries have been profoundly changed by the internet. Fewer realize that this was just the beginning. Futurist Thomas Frey recently talked on how 2 billion jobs will disappear by 2030 and also outlined five areas in which this will happen: 1. Power Industry 2. Automobile transportation 3. Education... Continue Reading →

Autonomous cars highlight fundamental questions

I like the recent call from Molly Wood at Cnet News (where I used to work in 2009): “Self-driving cars: Yes, please! Now, please!”. She notes quite obvious advantages with autonomous cars – safety, efficiency and environmental improvements – and observes that the forces working against adoption are fear and love of driving, emotions so... Continue Reading →

Abundance – The future is better than you think

For everyone interested in the powers of contemporary and future technology development and its potential to change the world into something better, there's a new book that seems interesting to read: "Abundance: The Future Is Better Than You Think" by Peter H. Diamandis. Peter H. Diamandis is chairman and CEO of the X-Prize Foundation, which has defined... Continue Reading →

Why Copyright and Privacy will be Battlefields

Don’t think that what we’re seeing with the proposed U.S. internet legislation called SOPA and PIPA is a onetime phenomenon – a battle that might be won or lost. Discussions and battles on Copyright and Intellectual Property will be a main ground for conflicts and debate in the coming decades. Another main area for long... Continue Reading →

Why human values will be fundamental for a super intelligence

What do the ancient Greeks or fight for civil rights have to do with the destiny of the universe? More than you could believe. Or rather – they are a fundamental part of it. The short explanation is that without the experience gained through thousands of years of human civilization, a super intelligence wouldn't have... Continue Reading →

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