The Greek government in test of Defkalion’s technology

Representatives of the Greek government on Tuesday assisted at a test of Defkalion’s energy technology – a potential competitor of Andrea Rossi’s ‘E-cat.’ Meanwhile, Rossi continues to develop his technology.

No results were presented. Another six groups are expected to perform independent testing of Defkalion’s technology in the upcoming weeks.

My report on can be found here, including an update on the development of Rossi’s E-cat.

Our complete coverage on Defkalion and on Rossi’s E-cat can be found here.

NOTE: My report on Ny was updated on Feb 29 after an interview with Alexandros Xanthoulis.


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  1. Does anything make you think any reliable independent third party test of either Rossi or Defkalion will ever take place? It’s September now and no test yet. A reliable and credible independent test can be done without endangering intellectual property in less than two weeks! What’s their excuse for delaying it further?

  2. I think it’s time to face the reality, Rossi is a big fraud. To many obvious lies now. Will you write any follow up on your articles?

    1. Dear Ian,

      I will certainly write follow-up articles. At this point there’s no evidence that I consider valid to prove that either Rossi or Defkalion is a fraud.
      I have more information which I plan to publish, but I prefer to wait until there’s an independent third party test performed by an identified and recognized organization, either of Rossi’s or Defkalion’s technology. Until then I don’t believe that there’s much of significance to add.

    2. Do you think this is going to happend in a near future? I feel that time is flying and nothing hapends. How are you feeling about this? Are you sitting on some information that is not public which gives you hope about it all?

    3. Hi Tobbe,
      Of course things are happening all the time, but I don’t have enough confirmed information to report on it. And above all we are waiting for an independent test by an identified third party organization.

  3. You are familiar with Andrea Rossi and have observed him up close and personally. I wonder if you have any insights into his behavior. I have become concerned as his announced plans have grown increasingly grand as the number of proposed units for home use are at one million per year and now he has discussed the idea of a 15 MW electrical output unit while from my perspective nothing has been shown other than a few tests with less than perfect data and that data much criticized. I am one of those that feel comfortable with the data and believe there is a change underway but as an outsider I am struggling to put all the points together.

  4. Mats, you’re still way out on a shaky tree limb on these reports. All Defkalion has succeeded in doing that can be proven is missed their own deadline and reneged on their promises. As for the stuff about Rossi, it’s all Rossi says and what one professor observed without, by his own admission, doing any output testing. Worthless, in my opinion.

    Most of the evidence out there and my opinion are still that both Rossi and Defkalion are conducting investor scams. That is also the outspoken and in print opinion of Australian millionaire (or is billionaire?) Dick Smith, who has offered a million dollar prize if he is proven wrong. Defkalion and Rossi could also try suing him for defamation if they think he’s done that.

    PS: If there is a convenient way for English speakers to read and add comments to NyTeknik articles, perhaps you could prove a link here (thanks). I find myself unable to do either.

    1. Thanks for your comment and for your concern Mary.
      I understand your point.
      You don’t have to worry about me though, being way out on a shaky tree limb, I mean. I know what I’m doing 😉

      As for comments on Ny Teknik it should be straight forward. Under the article you should

      1. click the black box where it says “Skriv ny kommentar”.
      2. “Rubrik” is title. “Text” is text. “Ditt namn” is your name.
      3. Check “Jag godkänner villkoren angående kommentering.” (I accept terms for comments — the usual stuff).
      4. Click “Skicka” which is send, or “avbryt” which is cancel.
      5. You could be asked to do a captcha.


  5. Mats Lewan i am looking forward to your probing in depth reporting on this Defkalion tests.
    I am sure you know who performed these tests and why they were performed!
    Quit holding back!
    You are a breed of journalist who goes after the facts no matter where they lead!
    Your Indefatigable style of going after the facts using all your journalistic skills is phenomanal!
    And your concise non vague answers always hit the point!
    As Mr Peter Gluck pointed out “the DGT people are serious professionals” to which your stunning
    non answer such as “they may have something” attests to your unswerving diligence in journalistic
    probing of these important questions!

  6. I think that because the DGT people are serious professionals, tests- for them are not events
    but current, day by day activity. The differences between internal and the so-called third party tests
    are not very sharp.Even the best and most famous organisations have to learn a lot of practical
    things before making good tests.It is difficult to say who will do a better job, a leading quantum physicist or a technician who has installed hundreds of home heaters and takes care of their maintenance. Both are necessary. I hope that the teams making the next tests will be composed of people of diverse professions. It is the first real opportunity for LENR, high temperature variant to
    obtain a decisive and irreversible victory.

    1. “the DGT people are serious professionals”

      Really? Serious professionals don’t promise to reveal test protocols and participants before the tests and then fail to do any of it. Serious professionals don’t set up dangerous, sloppy and ramshackle laboratory equipment like Defkalion showed in their video. Serious professionals don’t claim as Defkalion did last June and July, that they have working liquid cooled 25 kW reactors with built-in calorimetry and then not show evidence. Serious professionals don’t claim that regulatory agencies in Greece have had the device to test for more than six months without producing even an acknowledgement that the tests are actually being done. Remember that even a member of Parliament from Xanthi could not uncover any evidence of tests being done by any government agency or that any permit for a manufacturing plant had been filed.

      What in the world is one professional thing that Defkalion has done and for which they ask $40 million per franchise?

    1. Interesting. You know if you look at it from a broader perspective; given that energies from nuclear reactions are so large compared to chemical reactions, it seems obvious that you should do everything you can to investigate the possibilities of harvesting that energy without producing lots of radiation or radioactive waste. It just cannot be impossible, and maybe we’re reaching a level of knowledge where several different approaches will be proposed and realized in the next future.

    1. It’s difficult to say anything. At least it seems to be a good sign that there’s something which could be a real protoype. But a lot remains to see and to be proved.

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