Defkalion demo proven not to be reliable

(This blog post was originally posted on The measurement setup that was used by Defkalion Green Technologies (DGT) on July 23, 2013, in order to show in live streaming that the Hyperion reactor was producing excess heat, does not measure the heat output correctly, and the error is so large that the reactor might not... Continue Reading →

Update on Defkalion’s reactor demo in Milan

(This update comes a little bit late, I apologize for that). Defkalion's reactor demo in Milan in July has been discussed extensively. A series of concerns have been raised, among them for the flow measurement not being accurate and for the flow of steam output into the sink being weaker than what could be expected.... Continue Reading →

Comments on Defkalion reactor demo in Milan

Yesterday I participated as an observer at the Greek-Canadian company Defkalion's demo of its LENR based energy device Hyperion in Milan, Italy. The device is just like Andrea Rossi's E-Cat, loaded with small amounts of nickel powder and pressurized with hydrogen, and supposedly produces net thermal energy through a hitherto unknown process that seems to... Continue Reading →

Defkalion posts job listing for 21 professionals

I just noted that Greek Defkalion recently posted a job listing, looking for 21 professionals, mostly engineers. The job listing hints at progress towards industrial production of Defkalion’s Hyperion product, supposedly based on an LENR process and a potential competitor with the E-cat, a similar product developed by Andrea Rossi. According to a letter sent... Continue Reading →

The Greek government in test of Defkalion’s technology

Representatives of the Greek government on Tuesday assisted at a test of Defkalion's energy technology – a potential competitor of Andrea Rossi's 'E-cat.' Meanwhile, Rossi continues to develop his technology. No results were presented. Another six groups are expected to perform independent testing of Defkalion's technology in the upcoming weeks. My report on can... Continue Reading →

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