Will robots beat human champions in soccer by 2050?

Still some time to improve.

As you might know,  the official goal of the robotics competition Robocup is to field a team of robots capable of winning against the human soccer World Cup champions by 2050.

At Nyteknik.se we recently made a poll among our readers – most of them professional engineers – whether this is likely to happen or not.

And in contrast to many other of our polls where one answer tends to be clearly winning, it turned out that our readers were split in two fairly equal groups in this case – one believing in the robots’ capacity by 2050 and the other with faith in humans’ still being superior at that point.

It says something on people’s different judgement on how technology will develop during the next 40 years.

Personally I have no difficulty to imagine a soccer team of maybe only five or six robot players, completely outperform a World Cup champion’s team of 11 humans in soccer by 2050.

With a complete overlook of all the players in the field through a series of sensors,  the robots will only need a couple of extremely powerful and overwhelmingly precise passes to get to the human team’s goal, and then pull off a tremendous shot that no human goal keeper will be able to catch, or even run the risk to be hit by.

What do you believe?


5 thoughts on “Will robots beat human champions in soccer by 2050?

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  1. i can beleave it but unfair roboot vs human oh no its unfair for the human..
    this is my opinion only whenever happen technologies is allways hyper energy

  2. inmy openion that will be possible but i dont know why the robot groups should be just 5 or 6 and play against the team with 11 members??!!! its not fair. it make itharder to reach it have to be 11 vs

  3. Hi Mats!
    When can we expect to see an article about the Hyperion test?
    Can you tell us if you get to test the Hyperion?
    Have you signed a non disclosure agreement? (No report about the test until it is finished?)

    1. Hi Torbjörn,
      I have asked Defkalion but I haven’t received any invitaion yet. If I get one I will go there, and I will of course report my observations in that case.

  4. A rerrufying idea, robot soccer players will have robot fans (hooligans, fanatics, ultras.
    Too dangerous. Better a separate liga for robot players.

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