Announcing the New Energy World Symposium

News-blue-text-date 2018Note: The New Energy World Symposium has been re-scheduled to June 18-19, 2018. Read more here. 


Today I’m announcing the New Energy World Symposium that will hold its first session on June 21, 2016, in Stockholm Sweden.

The conference will focus on the disruptive consequences of a new cheap, clean, carbon-free and abundant energy source—LENR or Cold Fusion—that may literally change the world, promising Planet Earth clean water, zero-emission vehicles with unlimited mileage, a solution to the climate crisis and much more.

I’m particularly proud to announce a few of the renowned speakers who together with me believe that it’s high time to draw global attention to this subject.

Read more in this blog post at the symposium’s main website, where you will also find further information.


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  1. Hi Mats

    Today Rossi announced that he hopes to have a press conference in Sweden sometime in June where he will announce the new customer of the industrial ecatx. Is it simply a coincidence that your symposium, which has been prompted by Rossi’s results, is scheduled the same month in the same country, Has Rossi indicated any interest in attending your symposium.

    1. Larryj, I can now confirm that Rossi will attend the New Energy World Symposium, not as a speaker but interviewed by me on stage.
      In connection to the symposium, at a separate event, he says he will have some important announcements to make. No date defined.
      The decision to hold the symposium, however, still depends on the result of the one-year 1MW test being released and positive.
      Plans are proceeding meanwhile and there are now more than 200 attendees pre-registered. I’m also considering making it a two-day event, June 21-22, with an option to attend one day only.

  2. Show must go on – of course: what else did you expect?
    It was a matter of how much good, no doubt it would be said it was a working device -it is really unlikely that Rossi will come out to say “I was joking, it is all a fake…”

  3. There are technologies more than 50 years old that need to be looked at, that may help to make
    this LENR thing more controllable, the ceramic Hydrogen Thyratron, triggered to adjust average power level. making that device’s discharge into a gas LASER, and power dissipation using vacuum tube vapout-phase cooling. I’m a 77yo retired engineer.

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