Swedish TV on Andrea Rossi and the E-cat

Tonight Swedish Television, SVT, dedicated 25 minutes of the program "The World of Science" (Vetenskapens Värld) to the Italian inventor Andrea Rossi and his controversial energy device, the E-cat. The program is online until January 16 on this link: http://www.svtplay.se/video/917953/del-14 (the part on Rossi starts at 24:30 minutes). Update: And here's an English transcript. I believe SVT... Continue Reading →

Six industries that will be hit by digital revolution

Some people in the music industry still wonder what happened when an established and profitable business model was torn to pieces in a few years. Well, soon a lot more people in several other industries will ask themselves the same thing. I just outlined six industries that will be hit in the next future in... Continue Reading →

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