Vaccines are here—now, what will be The New Normal?

With the arrival of covid vaccines—earlier than most expected—there is hope that we will soon see the pandemic slow down. This brings the question of “The New Normal” to the fore. Here’s a futurist’s perspective. Since the first months of the pandemic, when it became clear that it acted as a powerful catalyzer on already... Continue Reading →

Here’s the key to trumpism and how to go ahead—a futurist’s perspective

Some people still struggle to understand the strong support for president Trump. Others fight about which narrative on the presidential election 2020 is true—did Biden win or was the election "stolen"? From my perspective as a futurist, the key insight is another. The political movements we have been seeing in the US and in other... Continue Reading →

The Future of the Nation-State

How the nation-state can find a way through digitalization.    Note: This essay is published as chapter 17 in the book Digital Transformation and Public Services: Societal Impacts in Sweden and Beyond. The book is the final report from The Internet and its Direct and Indirect Effects on Innovation and the Swedish Economy—a three-year research project funded by The... Continue Reading →

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