Six industries that will be hit by digital revolution

Some people in the music industry still wonder what happened when an established and profitable business model was torn to pieces in a few years. Well, soon a lot more people in several other industries will ask themselves the same thing. I just outlined six industries that will be hit in the next future in... Continue Reading →

We just launched Next Magasin – on how technology’s changing the world

A few days ago we finally launched Next Magasin – a new magazine on how technology's changing the world (just to be clear, it's only in Swedish for now). I'm the managing editor and it's been a great time to work with the first issue, which is free to download or to read on Ipad/Android/Pc.... Continue Reading →

Five industries where 2 billion jobs will be lost

Most people have understood that the music and the movie industries have been profoundly changed by the internet. Fewer realize that this was just the beginning. Futurist Thomas Frey recently talked on how 2 billion jobs will disappear by 2030 and also outlined five areas in which this will happen: 1. Power Industry 2. Automobile transportation 3. Education... Continue Reading →

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