The Future of the Nation-State

How the nation-state can find a way through digitalization.    Note: This essay is published as chapter 17 in the book Digital Transformation and Public Services: Societal Impacts in Sweden and Beyond. The book is the final report from The Internet and its Direct and Indirect Effects on Innovation and the Swedish Economy—a three-year research project funded by The... Continue Reading →

Let’s talk about TRUST—in finance and in business

[Presentation at a launch event of a new book on FinTech in Sweden, see below]. Trust is a funny thing. It's a very human condition, which most people would consider absolutely essential in financial services and in business. Yet, we don't reflect much on what trust really is. Most often it's a gut feeling, not... Continue Reading →

The Italian edition — Un’invenzione impossible — is finally out!

(This post was originally published on I'm happy to announce that the Italian edition of my book An Impossible Invention — Un’invenzione impossible — is finally out. I’m particularly satisfied since the story is closely related to Italy to which I have personal connections, my wife being Italian. A great thanks to Alex Passi who has made the... Continue Reading →

Replication attempts are heating up cold fusion

(This blog post was first published on In just a few weeks, the whole landscape of cold fusion and LENR has changed significantly and, as many have noted, 2015 might bring a breakthrough for LENR in general, with increased public awareness, scientific acceptance and maybe even commercial applications. This is great news. For those who haven't... Continue Reading →

An Impossible Invention on Amazon — second edition upcoming

(This blog post was originally published on Lots of people have asked me to make ‘An Impossible Invention’ available on Amazon in order to reach a broader audience. So I did — now there’s an e-book version in Amazon’s Kindle format listed here. The paperback version will get there later for a simple reason:... Continue Reading →

A few more researchers who were never recognized

(This blog post was originally posted on As those of you who have already read my book 'An Impossible Invention' know, it's written in memory of Martin Fleischmann (1927 – 2012), Sergio Focardi (1932 – 2013) and Sven Kullander (1936 – 2014). All these three persons were important for my work, and they all left... Continue Reading →

Here’s my book on cold fusion and the E-Cat

(This blog post was originally posted on   For three difficult years I have experienced much that I wanted to discuss, that I had thought people would want to investigate and understand better. Yet reaching out has been difficult for me. I want you, the reader, to comprehend, forgive and then participate. The term 'cold fusion' is so... Continue Reading →

Thinking, fast and slow, pattern recognition and super intelligence

This summer's reading has been Thinking, Fast and Slow by the Israeli-American psychologist and winner of Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic Sciences, Daniel Kahneman. Great reading (although a little heavy to read from start to end in a short time). The book describes the brain's two ways of thinking -- the faster, more intuitive and emotional... Continue Reading →

Suppose Google plans to create a mind

I'm reading the latest book by Ray Kurzweil -- How to Create a Mind (2012). In his book Kurzweil pulls together different  pieces of cutting edge brain research and puts them in the context of his own experience of developing technology for voice understanding and character recognition. The result is the Pattern Recognition Theory of... Continue Reading →

Exploring ethics for machines

“If we admit the animal should have moral consideration, we need to think seriously about the machine.” That's how Northern Illinois University Professor David Gunkel puts it, discussing whether and to what extent intelligent and autonomous machines that we are devloping can be considered to have legitimate moral responsibilities and any legitimate claim to moral treatment. In his new book The... Continue Reading →

Did you ever wonder what technology really wants?

Kevin Kelly, writer and founding editor of Wired Magazine, did. And he put down the answer really well in his book “What Technology Wants” published in 2010. It’s still really worth reading, giving inspiration to anyone who wants to gain understanding on how we should shape technology to do more good and less harm. If... Continue Reading →

Abundance – The future is better than you think

For everyone interested in the powers of contemporary and future technology development and its potential to change the world into something better, there's a new book that seems interesting to read: "Abundance: The Future Is Better Than You Think" by Peter H. Diamandis. Peter H. Diamandis is chairman and CEO of the X-Prize Foundation, which has defined... Continue Reading →

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