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Rossi has been granted US patent on the E-Cat — fuel mix specified

August 26, 2015

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On August 25, Andrea Rossi was granted a patent on his LENR based heating device the E-Cat. The patent, which has the filing date March 14, 2012, can be downloaded here: US9115913B1

As far as I understand, the patent describes the so-called low temperature E-Cat that Rossi showed in semi-public demonstrations at several occasions in 2011, and which is also used in an ongoing 350-day trial of a 1 MW plant, but since it describes core parts of the technology it is probably also valid at a certain extent also for more recent E-Cat models with higher operating temperature.

Read more here.

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  1. maryyugo permalink

    Sadly you’re right, he is nothing more then a con artist.

    Actually, if you read the Petroldragon story accurately, he could be considered an environmental terrorist, though I suspect it was more sociopathy and negligence rather than intentional.

  2. kasom permalink

    Rossi enjoys this ignorance, i am sure

  3. Enky permalink

    Sadly you’re right, he is nothing more then a con artist.

  4. It is very easy to see, for anyone who actually read the patent, it has nothing to do with LENR or cold fusion.

    Still, LENR fanatics are getting technorgasms over this one. But the rest of the world couldn’t care less.

    Believe me, I would rather have e-cat to be true, just that it is not.

    Who really knows what the truth is. However, very often it is easy to spot a falsehood.

    This patent adds nothing to Andrea Rossi’s credibility.

  5. maryyugo permalink

    Mats, the patent describes only an electrical heater. Read it please.

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