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Time to dispel the streetlight paradox of energy

February 10, 2015

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streetlight_jokeThe current development in LENR, where things seem to be moving fast towards confirmation of a new energy source, could finally open a way to dispel what I call the streetlight paradox of energy.

It’s about time.

You’ve probably heard the joke about the drunkard who is searching under a streetlight for something he lost…

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  1. Mats Lewan permalink

    Well Abbe, I think you see my point anyway. Hydro is the exception in category 2. Quite on-demand in fact. Only an insignificant fraction of installed nuclear fission power is transportable, and only under very particular conditions such as military vessels.

  2. The linked blog is somewhat confusing in its use of the terms “on-demand” and “transportable”. It classifies hydropower as not on-demand together with solar and wind, even as it is directly available on demand in the same way as coal and gas. And nuclear as non-transportable, even as we have multiple ships and submarines using it.

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