It seems big banks know about cold fusion

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The oil price keeps falling. And most analysts seem convinced that they know the reason — it’s about supply, or demand, or Putin, or Saudi Arabia, or Syria or…

But what if it were something completely different, known only by top people at the world’s biggest banks. And you. That a new, clean and basically infinite energy source might replace oil (and gas, coal and nuclear).

Torkel Nyberg, who runs the blog, has studied this hypothesis for several years. And half a year ago he got what looks like a smoking gun.

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  1. Mats, you do not need to be impressed by Gary Wright’s reporting. He did not write this document:

    Click to access NCDHHS-Report.pdf

    It looks more trustworthy than anything else I have seen in connection with Mr. Rossi so far. The document seems to indicate that JT Vaughn has been mislead by Rossi. Instead of a place with E-Cat Research and Development there was just an empty warehouse.

    As for JT Vaughn it is interesting and at the same time somewhat nauseating to read these ramblings by his hand:

    After reading even a small part of the sermon it strikes me that the expression “due diligence” probably is not in the vocabulary of the author, just a taster: “Working by faith provides time to invest in relationships and in our spiritual, mental and physical health.”

    You ask about my profession: Engineer, same training at KTH as you.
    You also ask me about my bias: Operational amplifiers have bias, I do not.

    What is your bias, Mats? Perhaps not to believe in what you were taught at KTH? 😉

  2. Oh. My. God., being a financial professional, rather than a science guy, I never knew just how gullible one would have to be to believe in Rossi´s device. But seeing this thread is an(other) eye opener. Mats, call any raw materials analyst or trader with one year’s experience and you will within 5 minutes understand how ridiculous this purported connection between LENR and oil price fluctuation is. Your statement “known only by top people at the world’s biggest banks” puts you in a group of conspiracy theorists which are, frankly, laughable.

    My friendly advice to you, one Swede to another, there is still time to save part of your journalistic credibility, if you start critically look at facts and leave the wishful thinking that does not belong in journalism. The story about the great impostor is a great one and since he has fooled people with much stronger academic background than you, there is a fair chance you can rise from this with honor intact. But time is running out…

    1. @Martin I respect your experience and knowledge regarding financial and raw material markets, and I admit that Nyberg’s hypothesis is speculative, yet intriguing. Probably your scientific training and experience is less deep, and I would advice you to seek more information before you conclude that the story on Rossi, the E-Cat and LENR contains nothing. You can start with this document in a recent issue of peer reviewed journal Current Science:, and if you would like I can also send you a copy of the e-book version of my book ‘An Impossible Invention’.

    1. H-G, I’m not impressed by Gary Wright’s reporting. What I hear from other sources is different. BTW, you should disclose your professional position and possible bias.

  3. It is now February 4 and Brent oil is up 10 US$. I suspect that the market finally lost patience waiting for a revision of the fatally flawed Hot-Cat Lugano report.

    1. Of course the sudden increase of r2k/USO correlates with ANY event during the first weeks of October 2014. I would just like to find one or a few events that would make sense.

  4. Shale gas + recession explains the low oil price.

    You have to be desperate to drag LENR into it. If LENR were affecting oil price, for example, Rossi would have billion-dollar contracts instead of needing flaky semi-academic reports to get a few extra million dollars funding for Industrial Heat.

    1. I also think so Thomas (oil price). I just cannot figure out what happened October 8, 2014, that had such an impact and keeps having it. Just don’t tell me nothing happened, because the data tell us it did. Probably it was just a coincidence with something we haven’t noted yet…

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