Issue number 3 of Next Magasin focusing on cyborgs

Next Magasin 3
Next Magasin 3

We just released a fresh issue of the Swedish forward looking digital magazine Next Magasin, for which I am the managing editor, this time focusing on cyborgs. The main feature reportage by journalist Siv Engelmark is a fascinating journey through the aspects of our use of technology to make humans into something more than humans.

Engelmark has been talking to cognition scientists, litterateur scientists, philosophers, pioneers and futurist, trying to find out what the consequences of human enhancement are and what people think of it.

Next Magasin 2
Next Magasin 2

Apart from the feature story there are several interesting pieces on subjects such as electronic blood, biomimetics with bumblebees, brain controlled vehicles, space buildings on Earth, sensor swarms, disruption of healthcare, synthetic biology, teleportation and more.

The magazine is subscribed and can be downloaded as an app for IOS or Android, or to be read on pc.

By the way — I forgot to post the release of issue number 2 back in June 2013. Journalist Peter Ottsjö wrote an eye opening feature story on virtual worlds which are not, as you may think, just some old rests of Second Life.

Instead, virtual worlds are today developing into a rich series of opportunities for both professionals and consumers, and they’re bound to take a larger part in our life than most people realize, bringing significant changes to our way of living.

On the front page you can see the Japanese mega star Hatsune Miku who is all virtual — a virtual synthesizer voice for which fans can write songs, being performed by a projection of the virtual artist on real arenas with thousands of people watching the performance.

In a decade or two, the physical world will just be a sub set of our lives.


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