Swedish TV on Andrea Rossi and the E-cat

Andrea Rossi

Tonight Swedish Television, SVT, dedicated 25 minutes of the program “The World of Science” (Vetenskapens Värld) to the Italian inventor Andrea Rossi and his controversial energy device, the E-cat.

The program is online until January 16 on this link: http://www.svtplay.se/video/917953/del-14 (the part on Rossi starts at 24:30 minutes).

Update: And here’s an English transcript.

I believe SVT reporter Linus Brohult made a good job, balancing different opinions and trying to reach a broad audience.

Interesting quotes he got from physicist Anders Åberg, responsible for research on new energy sources at Vattenfall, Sweden’s major electricity utility and one of Europe’s largest too.

“This is something new, and it’s our responsibility as an energy utility to check out options, of course, and this is an opportunity that perhaps will change the world,” Åberg said.

He said he didn’t believe Rossi is a fraudster.

“He is an entrepreneur, he just goes ahead and he doesn’t care about theories. He just wants to make something that works,” he said. Then he added:

“And we have a problem. We need to replace nuclear power eventually.”

– – – – –

Speaking about cold fusion, or LENR as most people refer to it (although no one still knows what it is exactly, just that it seems to produce excess heat larger than what’s possible from a chemical reaction), I’ll try to give you an update soon on the very interesting work by MFMP — Martin Fleichmann Memorial Project — who’s aim is to make cold fusion scientifically accepted through a new model with open and live experiments on the web, with all data in real time.

MFMP now tries to replicate an experiment by the Italian researcher Francesco Celani which got a lot of attention during 2012.

This stigmatized invention called cold fusion seems to be moving more than ever before. During 2013 I believe we will have more answers on what it can produce. If it works we will have a clean and basically endless energy source that’ll change the world.


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  1. So how’s Rossi doing now? Defkalion? Any products? Any customers? Any believable tests? Admit you were wrong about these people yet?

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