The E-cat, Cold Fusion and LENR

In the last year, lots of people have found my reports on the ‘E-cat’ and Cold Fusion or LENR.

For those who haven’t heard about this, it seems to be new and very flexible energy source, potentially based on a new kind of nuclear reaction different from fission (nuclear plants) and fusion (the sun), with important new results presented during 2011 regarding commercial applications.

Ny Teknik, where I’m a senior editor, was for a long time the only major newspaper in the world to report on the Ecat.

Irrefutable tests have not yet been done, but enough has been demonstrated to make us decide to continue reporting on the phenomenon (we’re serious about this – it’s definitely not in the domain of perpetuum mobile and similar stuff).

I expect conclusive results during 2012 and will keep following this area.

However, as the topic is extremely stigmatized and controversial, partly due to its origins in the famous claims about ‘cold fusion’ presented by Fleischmann and Pons in 1989, I will make very few personal comments in this blog, at least until independent proof of the technology’s validity has been presented.

As soon as I have significant news, I will do reports in Ny Teknik and update the blog with links to these reports.

To understand possible consequences of cold fusion, I recommend reading the pdf-book “Cold Fusion and the Future” by Jed Rothwell (download for free here).

Among Rothwells findings is that a clean, cheap, small and flexible energy source such as cold fusion would fairly quick put an end to the whole oil industry, the nuclear power industry, existing distributed electric power grids and to all research in hot fusion as an energy source, apart from providing clean water to everyone on the earth. And that’s just the start.

Ny Tekniks complete coverage on the ‘E-cat’ and on this topic can be found here (in reverse chronologic order):


9 thoughts on “The E-cat, Cold Fusion and LENR

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  1. Hi Mats,

    Yours and others contribution through Ny Teknik seems to bear fruit. It is certainly great days for human and other spices on earth with a lot of positive and confirmation news coming out around CF/LENR.

    The recent confirmation by NASA is to my mind one of the clearest official confirmations of anomalous heat or Cold Fusion/LENR what ever the name will finally be.

    Look forward to read more from your pen in this regard.

    1. Hehe – no way. You’ll see.
      Defkalion initiates independent testing in a few days, on Feb 24.
      News from Rossi seems also to be arriving.

    2. With due respect, Defkalion SAYS they initiate testing in a few days. What they will do remains to be seen. The testing method they propose is similar to isoperibolic calorimetry and inherently inadequate for high power levels. Low power will not be convincing because it need not be nuclear. I think this will be like Steorn’s demonstration at the Waterways Museum when they showed a free energy motor with a huge battery! They claimed there would be independent tests but never announced the names of the testers and never provided any results. Not ever!

      Mats, I hope you have SERIOUS doubts about the veracity of Andrea Rossi by now. If I were you I’d be trying to find out who his mysterious anonymous customers are. I’d like to know where he is building his 300,000 unit per year robotic factory, I’d want to know where his factory heater that ran for three years is located these days. Lots of things to uncover out there! Have you asked Mr. Rossi about them?

    3. Dear Mary,
      The only thing thing I said here is that the Story is not dead.
      I will continue checking facts. Time will tell. Next thing up is Defkalion. Let’s see what they will do.

  2. Hi Mats,

    It would be nice if we would have answers this year but I am confused by why it even took this long. It would take only weeks for Rossi or Defkalion to get proper, independent, and definitive tests if they wanted them. It would be cheap and it would not compromise their intellectual property.

    Many scientists and engineers on the Vortex email list and elsewhere have explained exactly how to do it. For a start, they need only to replicate Levi’s February 28 experiment using liquid coolant but they would need to calibrate the enthalpy measurement (path and method) ahead of time using an “inert” E-cat the electrical heater. And the entire test, the location and all power supplies and equipment, other than the E-cat and its control box, would have to be measured entirely independent of Rossi. And it would have to run much longer than previous experiments to rule out stored heat and non-nuclear sources of heat inside the device.

    I know you may not agree but the only reason I can think of to explain why they have not done it is that the devices don’t work as they claim.

    Steorn is a story of a company that gave several equivocal and unconvincing public demonstrations of a supposedly free energy magnetic generator. For more than four years, they burned through 21 million Euros of investor money without making a single marketable product or getting a single definitive test done.

    Yes, I hope we find out this year and I hope it works but don’t hold your breath waiting. It could take longer.

  3. Thanks, Mats, for covering this topic. It was great of you to stay on the story. I mostly discovered LENR through your articles in NyTeknik (and I live in the U.S.). I hope to hear more as the details come out.

    1. Thanks 🙂
      2012 will be an interesting year and I believe we’re going to have lots of answers during this year.

  4. I wrote a small post on the topic of this new cold fusion development as well, maybe you can check it out. I think there’e a lot more on my blog that would interest you, we’re writing in the same vein. I look forward to reading more of your thoughts

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